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Coffee and espresso Brewing info

 As with anything you get out what you put in. Bad beans inÖenough said.

 Brewing Coffee

 So youíve got your beans. You want you coffee to taste the best it can possibly be so your customers come back. Letís face it, they can buy the same bagel or egg sandwich for breakfast anywhere. Itís the coffee that matters. Your coffee canít be all things to all people. Even though they may not say anything, some will think it is too weak while others will think that same cup is too strong.

 Grinding: Take the time to set your grinder. The first thing to set is the coarseness. This should be close to the size of raw sugar cane granules. Coffee that is ground too coarse will cause the coffee to be weak or force you to use more than is necessary to achieve good results. If it is too fine, you will have over extracted coffee that will taste bitter. Donít move on until you have this set properly. If you do, everything that follows will go wrong and you will need to start over. The next thing is to set the time. This will adjust the amount of grinds. If you change your coarseness, you must reset the time. We have seen coffee companies use anywhere from 1.75 to 3 ounces for a 64 oz. brew. We recommend using 2.5 ounces or slightly less per 64 oz of brewed coffee.

 Temperature: This is the next most important thing next to grinding. If your water is too cold, you will not achieve good extraction. If it is too hot, you will get a burnt or bitter taste. About 200 degrees Fahrenheit is a good temperature in the tank. This will yield a couple of degrees less if you put the thermometer in a decanter and brew just water. If you are brewing coffee into the decanter, you will see a temperature of about 185.

Spray head: There should be a nice even pattern in the coffee when the brew is done. All of the grounds should be wet. If it is not, a simple cleaning will usually return it to proper working order. The spray head and the area above the funnel should be cleaned regularly to avoid built up coffee oils which can change the taste of your coffee.

 Donít forget the water: You buy a brand new machine and in six months you need a refurb. Why? You are probably not using a filter. We are not talking about that little screen that usually comes with every machine. Thatís for the big particles. A coffee machine needs real filtration. This will extend the life of your machine and make the coffee taste better by removing impurities.




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